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High end fashion retouching is one of the services we provide, more detailed type of work which needs a professional retouching artist who knows the Retouching Art tricks making the photo look professional, giving it the magazine cover look, as most of the professional photographers request detailed and very natural skin retouching for fashion photos.
models Highend Photo retouching service
We make sure that the photo meets the guidelines as requested, for amateur photographers editing your photos with Photorelive will for sure help making your photos look professional.
face and lips Makeup photo editing
highend photo Makeup retouching on model
Models photo retouching, starts by a color correction which is preferred on the RAW version of the photo processing giving more control over colors and color grading, fixing exposure, enhancing shadows and light in the image, increasing color saturation a little enough to make the photo more vibrant, applying filters as sharpening and other enhancements before the retouching process.
Skin highlighting using dodge and burn tools to add depth in the photo for the skin and other objects as needed, fixing or applying makeup on the model all the way to adding eyelashes, enhancing eyebrows fixing it, while the main thing to be concerned about is the body of the model, Body Editing and Slimming gets done to enhance the finish of the image in addition to all the other details which we take care of.
If you are a fashionista we can do a High End Photo Retouching Service for your photos for social media use, retouching your photos, adding color effects, changing the background, to make you proud of how you look in your social media profiles.
And for brides who did not get the best out of their wedding day photos, Full makeup retouching can be applied to look your best in your photos as Wedding Photo Retouching Service is one of the most services we have been providing and experienced in. In addition to Old Photo Restoration for old wedding photos.
We have been in the business of Photo retouching since 2008, providing our retouching services to thousands of our clients around the world, the experience we have had through editing thousands of photos through the years is our key providing a service that qualifies your business needs.
  • Edits applied
  • Sharpening, Color correction
  • Exposure adjusting
  • Skin Retouching
  • Stray hair removal
  • Nose, jaw reshaping
  • Lips, eyes reshaping
  • Eyes color enhanced
  • Makeup on face
  • Skin color highlighted
  • Lips color changed, fixed
  • Highlighting, adding hair
  • Eyeshadow highlighting
eyebrows Highend Makeup retouching using photoshop
Hair and lips Highend photo Makeup Retouching service
makeup retouching eyeshadow photo editing
eyelashes Highend model photo retouching
  • Edits applied
  • Sharpening, Color adjustments
  • Exposure adjusting
  • Skin Retouching
  • Ear, Hair reshaping
  • Eyehadow applied
  • Makeup on face
  • Face highlighting
  • Background changed
  • Cloth stray parts removed
  • Edits applied
  • Sharpening, Color corrections
  • Exposure adjusting
  • Skin dodge/burn highlight
  • Skin color enhanced
  • Skin Retouching
  • Nose reshaping
  • Hair color changing
  • Eyes color changed
  • Lips color enhanced
editing highend photo Makeup retouching service
portrait model Highend photo touch up
Photo editing levels we suggest for "High End Photo Retouching"

Extensive Service $7.00 / Photo

Extensive Extra Service $10.00 / Photo

Deluxe Service $18.00 / Photo