Wedding Photo Retouching Service
Starting at $1.50 /Photo
Wedding & Events Photo Retouching Service, starting at $1.50 per photo we provide a basic service on photos which includes face retouching, Photo Sharpening, Color Correction, Exposure Adjusting, while other filters get applied on each photo to look more professional.
Wedding photo retouching service
The Wedding & Events service is preferred for bulk amounts of wedding photos which does not show much details of the people, while you still can order Color Correction service at $0.30 per photo enhancing the photos without any skin smoothing / retouching which works good with hundreds / thousands of wedding images, making the finalized version enhanced and more professional.
Wedding photo people removal service
people removal on Wedding photo retouching
Special memories stay still when captured in photos, we know that accidents always happen unexpectedly and that's why we are here for you, the makeup artist may have not done the perfect job, may be it rained and the hair looked messy, Starting at $8.00 per photo we will retouch your photos and edit the makeup to look better, fixing your hair, editing your wedding dress for brides, fixing the tie or suit of the groom or any other defects in your photos which you are noticing, wedding photo retouching will make it look professional to share with your friends and family, and will be good when making prints out of your wedding memories.
Body slimming, or extra pounds removal in your wedding photos, reshaping body, removing unwanted people or adding people into your wedding photo, removal of distractions and objects, adding faded shadows around the photo, changing the wedding photo background to a fantasy background or just natural enhancements and distractions removal over the original one, all the way to HDR effects beautifying your pictures and more.
Wedding photo editing service
editing Wedding photo retouching, people removal from background
Wedding image photoshop editing service
makeup retouching on wedding photo background replacement
Wedding image retouching outdoor session
Hair editing and makeup on wedding photo retouching service
  • Edits applied
  • Sharpening, Color correction
  • Exposure adjusting
  • Skin Retouching
  • Stray hair removal
  • Chest lifting/ enhancing
  • Hair editing / enhancing
  • Lips enhancing
  • Slight Makeup added
  • Tatto Removal
  • Colorful effect added
Photo editing levels we suggest for "Wedding Photo Retouching"

Wedding & Events Service $1.50 / Photo

Extensive Service $8.00 / Photo

Extensive Extra Service $10.00 / Photo

Deluxe Service $16.00 / Photo

Wedding Photos Design Service
Starting at $25.00 /Photo
Wedding photos design service, providing photo book cover designs for your wedding photos, you can choose any of our designs in the samples below, make a "Deluxe Extra Service" order for your main photo "front photo", and upload the photo for the back cover design in the references uploader, tell us the "Number of the sample" you like and if you would like a special text written on your photo and size, additionally we can provide a design for the inner pages of your photo book in a separate order.
wedding day photo collage service
Designing Wedding photo collage and retouching
Photo editing levels we suggest for "Wedding Photos Design"

Deluxe Extra Service $25.00 / Photo

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