Photo Retouching Service Prices

For every $8 you spend with us you will get a 1 % discount on your next order, All the way up to 40 % OFF during a month when you Retouch Photos with Photorelive. E.g.: If you spent $120 in your total orders during a month, you will get 15% OFF for your next order in the same month. Terms apply*
Prices shown are for first time ordering, decreases with each order you make later

Color Correction

per photo
Photo saturation increasing, sharpening Color enhancements, exposure adjusting Color cast removal, sharpening photo See Examples
  • Color correction, exposure adjusting, contrast
  • Sharpening the photo
  • Image cropping

Wedding & Events

per photo
Wedding Photo retouched, exposure adjusting Wedding photo sharpening, skin airbrushing Skin retouching, photo softening See Examples
  • Color correction, exposure adjusting, contrast
  • Sharpening & softening the photo
  • Basic facial skin retouch (skin filtering)
  • Red Eye removal
  • Image cropping


per photo
Photo touchup, color corrections, sharpening skin smoothing photo sample post processing photoshop Skin retouching, color enhancements See Examples
  • Basic photo editing service
  • Color correction, exposure adjusting, contrast
  • Retouching full body skin, blemishes, acne, wrinkles
  • Sharpening and softening the photo
  • Sharpening and enhancing eye color
  • Solid background scratches & wrinkles basic removal
  • Stray hair removal
  • Teeth whitening


per photo
Makeup retouching, eyebrows edited, lips color Photo people removal, background changed Photo touchup, background changing See Examples
  • The Basic service

    Up to Two of the elements below
  • Makeup retouching
  • Body & face slimming
  • Changing background
  • Braces removal
  • Editing & resizing Breast, Eyes, Nose, Lips, teeth
  • Eyelashes & eyebrows adding / refinement
  • Adding / removal of People/ Objects ( up to 2 people or objects - medium complexity)
  • Basic editing of objects in a photo E.g. Clothes smoothing, Car tires .. etc ( up to 2 objects )
Medium Complexity


per photo
Eyes opening, body shape editing photo Photo Manipulation sample model photo editing Background changing, skin color toning See Examples
  • Complex photo editing
  • Complex adding /removal of objects
  • Real Estate photo editing
  • Old photo restoration
  • Models photo retouching
  • High end retouch
  • Photos collage / Merge
  • Pageant photo editing
  • Repairing rips / tears
  • Fixing damaged photos
  • HDR/Dodge and Burn Effects
High Complexity
For Extra editing requests between the services levels above

Basic Extra

per photo
Eyes opening, photo touchups Dress color changing, photo post processing Face slimming, photo general retouching See Examples
  • The Basic service

    One of the elements below
  • One person eyes swapping
  • Eyeglass glare removal
  • Slimming face only
  • Basic Color change of an object "noncomplex object"
  • Basic removal of one small object "noncomplex object"
  • Background extending / solid background color change
  • Product background replacement to white with shadow/ reflection "noncomplex products"

Extensive Extra

per photo
Objects and People removal from photo Photo face and body slimming, background editing Real Estate image editing, objects removing See Examples
  • Any/all elements in the
    Extensive service

    any of the elements below
  • Adding / removal of People/ Objects ( up to 4 people or objects - medium complexity )
  • Extra editing of objects in a photo E.g. Clothes smoothing, Car tires .. etc ( up to 4 objects )
  • Product editing / finalizing
  • HDR effects
Medium Complexity

Deluxe Extra

per photo
Photo Manipulations and background replacement Photo digital painting / cartoonizing Child Photo Manipulation See Examples
  • Full photo restoration with Colorizing
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Creative photo design
  • Complex Photo collages
  • Converting photo into cartoon / painting
  • Special effects
  • Wedding photo book designs "Pick your design from the wedding samples in services"
High Complexity
Pricing system terms
Each month has its discount percentage depending on your orders on that month, then it gets reset starting with a new discount calculation cycle for next month.
The discount percentage will only be calculated based on finished and delivered orders, created and in-process orders will not be considered in the calculation until they are finished.
Discounts made on orders will not be changed in any case once an order is submitted.
In case if an order was made using the wrong service "with instructions for higher service" Charges will apply for the change of services, and the discount percentage will not be Calculated on the extra paid amount "for the change of services".
The discount system calculates only finished orders for Photo Retouching Service