Jewellery Photo Editing Service
Starting at $5.00 /Photo
Jewellery is a unique and special type of art, Jewellery photos need a special care when edited to show the glance art it has in images as it is in real for better marketing and sales when showing on internet or prints, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Platinum and many other precious metals are used and each has its own unique and different color, since cameras don't usually show the true color as in real.
Jewellery photo editing service
Here comes our job to enhance colors in the photo and show its original color and sparkle, just as the jewel were handmade our job is also a handmade type of work taking care of the tiny details editing Jewellery photos.
editing gold jewellery photo finishing
editing Jewellery gold photo retouching service
When it comes to commercial purposes the outcome should be eye catching and appealing to your clients, we start editing Jewellery by sharpening the photo and decreasing noise, fixing and enhancing color cast on the image, changing the background to a professional one and applying shadows / reflection or smoothing the original background to enhance the overall picture, then we start working on the jewel / accessory itself by editing the white balance and the main color, increasing saturation and sharpening the item, smoothing or enhancing the texture of the material removing any defects, fingerprints, any other distractions in the object, removing the light glare and adding your own watermark if needed, adding more shine of the metal while still keeping it natural, which will make the photo look much more professional as it should be for advertising purposes.
Images of Silver, Gold chains, ornaments earrings, your pictures better look it's best before printing or being published on your website, A few adjustments can make all the difference to the final image of your product.
Retouching your Jewellery photos professionally is the key to advertise online or even print your designs in catalogues, we provide a professional photo editing service for Jewellery and accessories that you can count on, as we have worked on this type of pictures for more than 12 years with the experience using Photo editing softwares such as Photoshop, lightroom and others to make your product grab the attention, whether your business is a big business or a small business you probably need to look your best in front of your clients, and this is simply what we do.
  • Edits applied
  • Sharpening
  • Exposure adjusting
  • Color adjusting
  • Background changing
  • Background shadow added
  • Minor part reshaped
necklace accessory product photo editing
editing accessories photo retouching
editing gold ring photo retouching service
retouching gold ring product photo editing
  • Edits applied
  • Sharpening
  • Exposure adjusting
  • Color correction
  • Smoothing Ring
  • Cleaning minor defects
  • Glodish color increased
Photo editing levels we suggest for "Jewellery Photo Editing Service"

Basic Service $5.00 / Photo

Extensive Service $8.00 / Photo

Extensive Extra Service $10.00 / Photo

Deluxe Service $16.00 / Photo

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