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Here at Cutecolors you can find cute colored Clip Art for free, Save any of the Clip Art images and use it for your craft, website, or any decorations

Especially for schools and teachers who constantly need interactive colored clip art images which improve the educational process in schools and encourages kids when studying.

You can find clip art for most of the animals painted in beautiful colors in PNG which has a transparent background and can be used on website pages or can be applied on any background. So you can change the background to one of your choices like how you want.

With each clip art section, You can get to know a unique fact about each animal that you probably didn't get to know before.

Cute Coloring Pages are provided in black and white, Which improves the skills of painting for kids, they can be printed and painted for your child to keep as a good memory.

Knowing the meaning of each color and Colors symbols will help in choosing the best color for you. If you are wondering which color to choose for a design or a style.

Whoever is interested in photo albums and Scrapbooking, We are also providing nice colored backgrounds and Scrapbook paper to use for free.

Below are 12 sets of cute colored Clip Art and Graphic Designs, You can save and use any of them for free. Either for personal use in schools or with your kids at home and decorations or commercial use such as product designs, books, or any types of sheets and prints

With a unique fact about Pandas, Frogs, and many other animals you can read to your child while watching and downloading the clip art images.

“Did you know that Bears can run up to 40 miles per hour, fast enough to catch a running horse. While the highest human running record is only 27 mph”
teddy bear clip art fat teddy bear clip art teddy bear wearing bowknot clip art a black bear clip art a brown bear clip art teddy bear pink feet clip art a bear wearing red scarf clip art a bear eating ice cream clip art teddy beat baby white scarf clip art a bear skiing on ice clip art a bear eating fish clip art a baby bear clip art bear reading clip art honey bear love clip art bear pink flowers clip art baby bear bowknot clip art a brown bear clip art a brown cute bear clip art
“Did you know that the teeth of rabbits never stop growing, That is why they keep chomping to keep them trim”
cute baby bunny clip art a bunny rabbit clip art a cute little bunny clip art bunny clip art clip art a yellow rabbit clip art a red rabbit clip art a pink cute bunny clip art a bunny with carrot clip art a cute bunny with carrot clip art cute bunny twins clip art a yellow bunny clip art an orange bunny smiling clip art a yellow bunny ears clip art a pink bunny ears clip art red bunny ears clip art bunny with big carrot clip art a cute bunny walking clip art a blue rabbit on grass clip art
“The Shishi School located in China is the world's oldest school, And was established 143–141 BC”
school kids uniform clip art school cute kids school kids dress uniform cute kids faces clip art abc kids alphabit student reading book clip art cute girl studying nerd child with books clip art cute and beautiful kids student holding a pencil school blackboard back to school clip art green school back bag school desk and chair students ruler clip art students eraser students pen clip art three colored pencils clip art pencil sharpener clip art circle made of students a heart made of students clip art
“A dog’s sense of smell is 1000 times greater than a Human”
baby dog clip art a baby dog clip art a brown cute dog clip art brown dog tounge clip art a brown dog running clip art a dark dog clip art a dog eating bone clip art a strong big dog clip art a cute dog clip art a brown dog clip art an orange dog clip art a cute orange dog clip art a colored dog clip art a funny dog showing tounge clip art
“Giant pandas spend about 12 hours a day eating”
panda red ballon clip art calm panda clip art panda hugging clip art a sleepy panda clip art power button panda clip art cute panda clip art panda warming clip art flipping big panda clip art scared panda clip art wild panda clip art panda taking selfie clip art panda clip art panda playing on wood clip art a happy panda clip art a panda eating clip art a panda eating plants clip art a panda napping clip art face of a panda clip art
“There are around 10 thousand different species of birds on Earth”
a brown owl clip art a green owl clip art a blue tweeting bird clip art two birds kissing clip art a pink owl clip art a blue owl clip art a bird's picture clip art a chicken clip art a brown bird clip art a cute green bird clip art a dark owl clip art a yellow duck clip art peace blue pigeon clip art a vulture clip art a brown vulture clip art a flying bird clip art a black yellow bird clip art
“Researchers discovered that Cats recognize their name but choose not to respond, they don't necessarily feel obligated to respond”
a beautiful kitten clip art a cute kitten clip art a cute kitten cat clip art a brown cat clip art a baby cat in dish clip art a laughing cat clip art a laughing white cat clip art a smiling cat face clip art a blue night cat a cute white cat a cat with beautiful eyes clip art a dark night cat clip art
“Flowers get their food from sunlight, water, and minerals in the soil”
cute colored flowers clip art a beautiful purple rose clip art a yellow rose clip art an orange rose clip art beautiful red roses clip art four colored flowers clip art a big flower clip art many flowers clip art a beautiful orange rose clip art a beautiful purple rose clip art a beautiful pink rose clip art white roses clip art red roses on water clip art beautiful flowers clip art sun flower clip art a smiling rose clip art
“A frog that has no lungs and breathes through skin, Is indeed a frog in Indonesia”
a frog smiling and jumping clip art tounge of a frog clip art frog with big eyes clip art a cute green frog clip art a cute frog smile clip art a frog winking clip art frog legs clip art a frog standing up clip art frog clip art amazed green frog clip art green frog smile clip art frog's eyes clip art frog with green and yellow colors clip art grass frog clip art funky frog suit clip art yoga frog clip art
“Koala fingerprints are so close to humans that they have on occasion been confused at a crime scene”
a sleepy koala clip art koala on tree clip art a smart koala clip art a koala with laptop clip art a fat koala clip art a funky koala clip art
“A lion’s roar can be heard from as far as 5 miles away”
king lion clip art a cute baby lion a beautiful lion clip art a face of a lion an angry lion a circus lion clip art a yellow lion king red hair lion clip art
“Babies will sleep on average 5400 hours in the first year, Considering there are only 8760 hours in a year”
blue baby clothes clip art green baby clothes clip art pink baby clothes clip art baby feeding on milk clip art a fat baby clip art baby with a purple teddy bear toy clip art baby with a yellow teddy bear toy clip art baby with a green teddy bear toy clip art a baby boy clip art a baby girl clip art a baby boy laying down clip art a baby girl laying down clip art a baby lion clip art a baby elephant clip art a baby duck clip art a baby wolf clip art

If you are interested in Scrapbooking and photography in general, You can keep good memories by using Scrapbook papers. Depending on the style of your choice either warm and simple, floral, or more colorful.

Choose and print any of the backgrounds below for your scrapbook.

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a green floral scrapbook paper a simple scrapbook page planets and space ships simple off white royal scrapbook paper dark cloudy page cloudy colored page dark plants scrapbook page gift boxes classy scrapbook paper scrapbook waves page green plants scrapbook page scrapbook paper shapes green scrapbook paper plants colored roses scrapbook page beach sun scrapbook page colored flowers roses scrapbook paper beautiful flowers scrapbooking page hand paint scrapbook dark roses scrapbooking cute floral scrapbook page yellow plants scrapbook background red berries page white green plants pink and purple hearts scrapbook page yellow plants scrapbook page blue roses scrapbook paper

Graphic Designs are getting improved a day after day and being involved in every side of our daily life. With the development of the software world and Technology.

Especially Adobe has been making efforts in developing Photoshop and Illustrator which are helping Graphic Designers with tools that show their true talents in the world of designs.

Starting from Country Graphics, Clip Art, Illustrations, and Photo Designs, All the way to Animations. Making our life colorful and cute.


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