8 Fun facts about Photo Retouchers

photo retouching fun facts

This article will get you to know silly and fun facts about a photo retoucher that you never thought of, If you are a photo retoucher already or a photographer who is into Photo Retouching you probably know what is the story about!!

The digital retouching world as any other industry and career has its secrets that only retouchers know, with bulk amounts of photos and many different faces in photographs being retouched.

with a long time of editing and hours of being silent working on the computer, seeing the happiness and sadness, the smile, the laugh, different types of human emotions appearing on their faces, which makes a retoucher somehow a thinker ..

If we can call it may be a philosopher!!

Sometimes we are requested to retouch a photo, high-end retouching, or maybe a pageant.

We keep retouching the photo, editing the nose shape smoothing skin, slimming and enhancing body shape until the person in the photo becomes completely someone else, and looks beautiful like they never do in the original picture, with long hours of editing we may just fall in love with something a retoucher has made himself.

Well .. only the very professional retouchers, the creative and dreamy type.

The red color in clothes, when editing pictures repeatedly while the person wears red or contrasted colored clothes it actually gives some type of color blindness temporary that it is hard to continue editing and retouching the same order for long hours.

In this case, we have to take a break from time to time for the eyes to rest as our vision gets exhausted and the colors of pictures don't seem to look like how they really are.

This is only when editing many pictures in one session that has the mentioned type of colors on clothes or big objects in the photo.

A professional photo retoucher has not edited less than 9999 pictures in his lifetime if not more.

And that is actually the number of pictures it needs for a retoucher to be considered truly professional or a guru in the career of digital photo retouching.

That amount is still little compared to what a retoucher really edits through his lifetime which is assumed to be 80.000 pictures at least which is the average in only 5 years of continuous work.

So far that is a fact, we rarely retouch our own pictures and prefer them more to be natural, we are not either obsessed about retouching our own photos or even taking many pictures of ourselves.

Probably retouchers who are just starting, are the ones you would find taking many pictures and editing it, well .. that is only in the beginning, while later we just change our mind :)

Sometimes the photographer is unlucky to get more than one shoot of a picture and the person in the picture one or both of his eyes are closed.

Usually, when we have more than a picture for the same person we may just take the eyes or any other part needed to be replaced from the other photo, but not always!

We may just find no way but to bring the eyes or any part of the body from a totally different person, while we try our best to make your friend's eyes who is in the same photo to look like it's really yours :)

The job of a retoucher is to enhance the nonbeautiful things into appealing and beautiful results out of the photo.

It can start from babies' photos and cleaning their noses and droll over their faces, or any type of a mess that can appear, all the way to shaving the face of a gentleman, shaving the long hair out of his nose. Or even an armpit of a beautiful lady.

And you can guess as far as you can, the job of a retoucher has no exclusives its whatever can make the picture looks good and people look nice in their pictures.

When a photo retoucher starts the learning process which is mostly on Adobe Photoshop, which includes a lot of types of effects like shadows and reflections and endless effects that can be applied to photos or designs.

In that stage usually, the retoucher gives much attention to the details of any photo or design that he can see around, to really get to know how did they make it.

The process includes analyzing every type of visual art to understand that world of digital retouching.

One of the hardest parts of learning photo retouching is adjusting and correcting colors which are deceiving, as you may see a photo that has good colors, well that’s only what you think while it looks completely different to a professional retoucher.

The picture may include a slight color cast like blue or green that you can't notice clearly while the professional retoucher can see it clearly.

For someone who is getting into that career, noticing and analyzing in the learning process is the key to become professional fast.

Well, we only think

As mentioned before, the retoucher is a thinker who spends long hours on computers in silence editing photos.

This opens the mind to all kinds of thoughts and fantasies, at some point we think of forgery, and we may consider it as a challenge, and approval of true professionality. can we do it !?

Well we can, and may be doing a sample at home. but we usually don't do more than this as it's illegal, we are creative artists we are not bad people.

Are we!!

Conclusion :

If you have a friend or a relative who is into the photo retouching career, he probably knows about all these facts, you can share the post to your friend and see that most if not all of these facts are true.

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