The Effect of Real-estate Photo Retouching on Your Sales

realestate photo editing sample

As the saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words!

In the world of today, everything is digital – this saying turns out to be more than true. What you portray on the picture, becomes your slogan for the potential buyers. Hence, creating a picture which can become the words that you are trying to convey to your audience – is the clever way to convert an ordinary image into a selling property, in the real estate business.

Therefore, the advertised picture needs to be perfectly done and dusted with all the editing process – including the slight photo retouching, that can turn an average looking photo into an outclass piece of art – which has the capacity to keep the client stuck at your endorsed image for long.

Typically, photo retouching begins with eliminating the minor effects (like a blurred image) due to dusty shooting sites getting stuck on the camera lens – to major defects changing like replacing a solid object from the true picture.

To give you more insight about the importance of photo retouching into the real estate world – we have compiled a list of questions to elaborate the topic by giving a quick overview. So, let’s start the discussion.

Photo retouching is used due to millions of reasons – while the reasons depend upon the industry or business the pictures are representing. For instance, in the fashion industry – photo retouching is done on the picture of models to make them look flawless.

Similarly, in the real-estate business – the property being sold is the main concern of both the real-estate agents and the buyers.

Hence, they try to give the place they are selling – a great ambiance by utilizing the photo retouching tool to enhance not only the picture quality of the property – but also providing the used objects in the picture, a real-life presence by increasing their resolution and making them seem larger than life.

Running a business, where most of the stoners make the decision by only looking at the pictures of the place you are planning to sell them – takes the need of photo retouching, to another level.

Moreover, it could also mean the possible loss of a valuable client, due to some minor unattractive factors of the image which failed to create the required appeal.

Out of all the editing tools – a single tool like photo retouching work wonders to create a top-notch quality picture – to enable you out perform in any business, especially in the marketing industry of real estate.

house photo edited realestate before
house photo edited realestate after

Working in a real-estate business, photo retouching becomes a significant part of the job – every time a new house or any other new place is added to the list of property – while there are times, when all the professionals are either out of reach, or not available at the moment.

Therefore, some minor tips and tricks do come handy to sometimes assist your own self.

By following these three simple steps, you can quickly cover up a task that can be done without a professional-photo-retouching-editor, sitting right next to you. First things first – identify an app that gives results, at least close to a professional – while you can manage to work it out using your laptop or even mobile, without damaging the true picture.

Now, after selecting the picture – go to the healing option of the app for photo retouching – located somewhere down the screen to edit the required parts of the picture. After being done with all the photo retouching of the image – finally, save the picture to your working device (laptop or mobile phone) – along with all the edits you have performed on it.

Although photo retouching is a tool to improve any object’s appearance, that is not giving an attractive vibe with the surrounding – or to amend any mistake in the background, that is balking the picture to be at its best.

However, there is a limit to everything – and this rule also applies to photo retouching. If you go too far, the photo retouching will convert into – photo manipulation. And it is needless to mention – that it is indeed, illegal to do so.

Two basic things, that you should always avoid doing while performing any real-estate photo editing – will be keeping you on the safe side – and at the same time, out of any legal hustle as well.

Hiding any defects or imperfections through photo retouching of a certain area on the displayed property to the clients.

Keeping any fixture problems from the buyer – like photo retouching power lines to cover any existing issue – which either can’t be replaced or repaired in reality. Doing both of the above mention acts of editing in the photo retouching process, are termed as going against the code of ethics under the Realtors section – in simple words, is a violation of the law by changing the original image of the property in a deceiving way.

Although a professional cannot be neglected to get the outstanding results needed in the real estate business. However, one can practice some basic photo retouching moves, following a professional’s footstep.

  • Bright Light Exposure
  • Until the picture has a bright enough light exposure, it is will never outshine as a vibrant, yet eye-catching product for the stoner.

  • Proper Color Adjustment
  • Make sure that the color contrast is adequately balanced while photo retouching – to keep the overall pigment hue in a certain acceptable range. Otherwise, the overall outlook of the image will not come out as smooth, as it should be.

  • Perfect Sky Selection
  • Choosing the correct sky for photo retouching the image, plays a huge role in the picture editing process.

  • Item Replacement
  • Any object, that either looks irrelevant or doesn’t add to the ambiance of the created environment inside the picture – should be removed accurately.

  • Precise Image Crop
  • Last but not the least – the crop tool. Cutting the excess area out of the picture by cropping image precisely – can make the exact feature of the property, stand out in the crowd.

Fortunately, some photo retouching apps are always around the corner when you need a quick rescue from a sudden editing issue in the picture. Here are a few android apps, that will help you cast a spell on your future potential property clients through your incredibly edited pictures.

  • Airbrush
  • Face Tune 2
  • TouchRetouch
  • Fotor
  • Photoshop


To put it frankly – real estate is a business of marketing, basically done through photos of the property places displayed digitally all over the world.

However, if these pictures are advertised without any photo retouching – then they won’t be doing as good out there, as they are supposed to.

Even though editing picture is a significant part to enchant the buyers by giving them something they desire to have – but it is better to perform the editorial photo retouching in a limited amount to avoid any violation of the law due to photo manipulation.

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