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One of the top and old websites on the internet which used to provide a professional photo retouching service is Rabbit Retouch which started their online website in March 2010.

With a beautiful yellow colored design, Rabbit Retouch service is provided for Photographers and Clients for affordable photo retouching pricing list.

As they mention in their website to be offering "some of the lowest rates in online photo restoration and retouching", with no confusing commitments to purchase credits regarding their retouching service.

And quick turnaround in 24 hours, a client should receive his photos retouched either for a photo Restoration Service or a basic photo retouching service.

By checking the website archive, we have found the screenshot below of Rabbit Retouch website back in 2013.

rabbit retouch service photo retouching

With a variety of things a client would want to do in their pictures, they provide a list of some common photo fixes that may be a client is looking for:

  • Skin smoothing (removing blemishes, wrinkles, and skin imperfections)
  • Skin airbrushing glamour magazine effect
  • Improve exposure (make lighter or darker)
  • Change backgrounds
  • Remove objects or people
  • Improve color
  • Special effects
  • Merge photos
  • Weight loss
rabbit retouch photo retouching service

The photo is an incomplete screenshot of the website in 2015 which shows an upgrade they have made re-designing the look of their website.

While in general, face and body editing and reshaping are considered more advanced when it comes to retouching photos. However, they offered wight loss and slimming in their Basic Service.

Starting at $7 per photo for a Basic Service which is an average and good price for this level of photo retouching. The touch-ups included:

  • Color, exposure adjusting
  • Fixing red-eye
  • Teeth whitening
  • Weight loss and slimming
  • General cleanup

And for $14 per photo a complete retouching service, which is a higher level and more advanced High End retouching work and includes:

  • Extensive face retouching/magazine look
  • Eyeglass glare removal
  • Braces removal
  • Object add/or removal
  • Merging photos
  • Change background

Old Photo Restoration for $28 per photo for fixing and restoring old photos.

Additional custom retouching requests for a higher level of photo retouching can be done for a higher price depending on your needs and requests to be done in your pictures.

Here at Photorelive, we retouch your photos professionally for an affordable retouch rate, starting at $0.35 per photo.

With a decreasing price for clients making constant orders through the month, you can reach up to 40 % price reduction with us depending on the amount of work and photos you retouch with us each month.

Photo Restoration for old photos, and High End retouching, we are experts in the variety of photo retouching services and have been online for over 10 years providing our services for clients from The USA, Canada, Europe, and clients from Africa.


Retouching photos online has been running since almost 2006 efficiently, with a variety of services and retouching levels to order provided by many companies in that regard.

Although few of these companies can understand a photographer's needs and provide a professional service, there are many companies nowadays that you can use to retouch your photos online.

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