How can i start sending photos to retouch ?
simply create an account with Photorelive, in the upload page you will be able to
choose the services you want, uploading your photos ( you can choose and upload multiple
photos at the same time ), then writing your requests and pay .

Which service i should choose ?
We offer five levels of retouching service
Color adjustment service : if you would like to get your photos color corrected and sharpened, brightened
( mostly used for bulk outdoor shots ) .
Wedding service : if you would like color correction, sharpen with a very basic skin airbrushing
( mostly used for bulk outdoor wedding shots ) .
Basic service : if you would like basic skin airbrushing with basic details retouched
( mostly used for indoor Studio/home shots ) .
Extensive service : if you would like basic retouching with more details to retouch
( mostly used for beautifying more specified and technical editing and requests ) .
Deluxe service : if you would like more professional, creative work and high-end
( mostly used for creative, high-end and more professional, technical work ) .

How to request a revision for my photos ?
Below your finished project / order page you will find an area for commenting or requesting
a revision for your photos, you can request free revision for your photos and you will be
able to download the re-edited photos from the same project page ( below the original
edited photos ) with our comment in the same area, after sending you a notification to your email .

What is ( Preferred retouching type ) in my profile ?
The information which will be written in this section is optional and will be considered in all of your
orders for example : the type of skin retouching you prefer, the colors, brightness levels that
you prefer for your photos and all the things you prefer generally to be considered in your
orders in addition to the requests of your projects .

How to describe what I'm exactly looking for in my orders ?
The more detailed your requests will be written the more our artists will give you the results
that you are looking for, also you may add a reference photo or more with writing
which things you would like to be done like in these photos in the project requests .

My internet disconnected while uploading what shall i do ?
Simply go to the projects page in the created projects section you will find the project, you may
check what ha been uploaded so that you can choose and upload the rest of the photos only .

What is the SMS notifier ?
Its assured and fast way to notify the clients through their cell phone messaging, that their
projects / orders finished and they are able to download the retouched photos from
their accounts ( Varies ) .

What is ( for faster payment process ) in my profile ?
Its optional and preferred so that when you pay of your orders those information
will be submitted automatically to the payment website and you will only need to write your
credit card information in the payment website, without needing to write these information
every time you order, which will make it faster for the payment process .

How to submit photos to make a collage?
Simply, you may choose the ( Deluxe service ) and upload one photo, to be counted as one
photo to be paid, and the rest of the photos upload them as reference photos .

When i try to upload multi images at the same time it doesn't work ?

Please check which browser you are using, old versions of browsers
like internet explorer 8 isn't able to upload multi images at the same time
Google chrome works fine and can upload multi images at the
same time you may download it From Here .

Which payment methods do you accept ?

We accept payment through paypal and Visa, Master card
Discover card, JCB, American express, Diners club .