Tips on How to Use the 3D Object Pan Tool in Photoshop

Graphic designer using 3D Object Pan Tool in Photoshop

Have you ever found yourself trying to manipulate a 3d object in adobe photoshop, but not quite sure how to achieve the desired effects? fear not, fellow photoshop enthusiasts! in this blog post, we will discuss the ins and outs of the *3d object pan tool* and how you can

Utilize it to create stunning 3d imagery. so, let's dive right in!

close-up of 3d object pan tool in photoshop moving 3d object

The 3d object pan tool is a powerful feature in adobe photoshop that allows users to interact with and manipulate 3d objects within the application. this tool can be used to move, rotate, and scale 3d objects, as well as to control the angle of the camera in the scene.

With just a few clicks and drags, you can easily transform your 3d object into a masterpiece.

Before we start exploring the tips and tricks of using the 3d object pan tool, let's first learn how to access it.

1. launch adobe photoshop and open a document that contains a 3d object.

2. navigate to the *3d* workspace by clicking on the dropdown menu located in the top right corner of the application.

3. select the *3d* workspace option to switch to the 3d environment. 4.

Locate the *3d object pan tool* in the toolbar on the left side of the screen. it looks like a 3d cube with arrows around it. if you don't see it, click and hold on the *3d object rotate tool* to reveal the hidden tools, and then select the *3d

Object pan tool*.

Now that you have the 3d object pan tool active, let's learn how to use it effectively.

With the 3d object pan tool, you can easily move your 3d object within the scene. to do this, simply click and drag the object in the direction you want to move it. you'll notice that the object will move parallel to the current view, making it easy to position

It exactly where you want it.

Rotating a 3d object is another essential skill when working with the 3d object pan tool. to rotate an object, hold down the *shift* key while clicking and dragging the object. this will allow you to rotate the object around its center point.

Remember to release the *shift* key when you've achieved the desired rotation.

Scaling your 3d object is a breeze with the 3d object pan tool. to scale an object, hold down the *alt* (windows) or *option* (mac) key while clicking and dragging the object. the object will scale proportionally from its center point, allowing you to resize it easily.

When working with 3d objects, adjusting the camera view can be crucial in achieving the perfect composition. with the 3d object pan tool, you can easily change the camera's angle by holding down the *ctrl* (windows) or *cmd* (mac) key while clicking and dragging anywhere within the canvas.

This will orbit the camera around the 3d object, providing you with a new perspective on your scene.

Sometimes, you may want to combine multiple 3d objects in a single scene. to do this, simply select the objects you want to combine by holding down the *shift* key and clicking on each object in the *3d panel*.

Next, right-click on the selected objects and choose *group objects*. this will combine the objects into a single group, allowing you to manipulate them collectively using the 3d object pan tool.

When working with complex 3d scenes, it can be helpful to lock the position and rotation of certain objects to prevent accidental changes. to lock an object's position or rotation, simply select the object in the *3d panel*, and then check the corresponding checkboxes for *lock position* and/or *lock rotation*

In the *properties panel*.


The 3d object pan tool in adobe photoshop is an incredibly versatile tool that can help you create breathtaking 3d imagery. by following these tips and practicing your skills, you'll soon be on your way to mastering the art of 3d manipulation in photoshop.

Happy designing!

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