Tips on How to Use the 3D Object Scale Tool in Photoshop

Person using the 3D Object Scale Tool in Adobe Photoshop to scale a 3D object

Photoshop has always been a go-to tool for designers and artists who need to create stunning visual effects. with the introduction of 3d capabilities in recent versions, photoshop has become an even more powerful tool. one of the most useful features in 3d design is the object scale tool.

In this post, we'll explore tips and tricks on how to effectively use this tool to enhance your 3d designs in photoshop.

before and after photo showing the effects of using the 3d object scale tool in photoshop

Before we dive into using the 3d object scale tool, let's first discuss how to create or import 3d objects in photoshop. follow these simple steps:

1. Create a new document: start by creating a new document in photoshop with the desired dimensions and resolution.

2. Enable the 3d workspace: navigate to `window` > `workspace` > `3d` to enable the 3d workspace.

This will display the necessary panels and tools for working with 3d objects.

3. Create or import a 3d object: you can either create a 3d object using photoshop's built-in features, or import an existing 3d object.

To create a new object, click on `3d` > `new 3d layer from file` or `new 3d layer from selected layer`. to import an existing object, click on `3d` > `new 3d layer from 3d file`.

Now that you have your 3d object in photoshop, let's explore how to use the object scale tool.

To access the 3d object scale tool, follow these steps:

1. Select the 3d object: click on the 3d object in your layers panel to select it.

2. Activate the 3d tools: in the toolbar, click on the 3d tools icon (a cube with a 3d axis) or press `k` on your keyboard.

3. Select the object scale tool: in the 3d tools options bar, click on the object scale tool icon (two diagonal arrows pointing away from each other).

Now that you know how to access the object scale tool, let's explore some tips for using it effectively:

1. scale objects proportionally

To maintain the aspect ratio of your 3d object while scaling, hold down the `shift` key while dragging one of the corner handles. this will help you avoid distorting the object and ensure that it remains visually consistent.

2. scale objects along a specific axis

You can scale your 3d object along a specific axis by clicking and dragging the corresponding axis handle. the x, y, and z axis handles are colored red, green, and blue, respectively. this can be useful when you want to stretch or compress the object in a specific direction.

3. use numeric values for precise scaling

For more precise control over scaling, you can enter numeric values directly in the options bar. click on the `uniform scale` field and enter a percentage value to scale the object uniformly, or click on the `x`, `y`, or `z` fields to scale the object along a specific axis.

4. scale multiple objects simultaneously

To scale multiple 3d objects at once, select all the objects you want to scale by holding down the `shift` key and clicking on each object in the layers panel. then, activate the object scale tool and drag one of the corner handles to scale all the objects proportionally.

5. reset object scale

If you've made a scaling mistake or simply want to revert your 3d object to its original size, click on the `reset scale` button in the options bar. this will reset the object's scale to 100% along all axes.


Mastering the 3d object scale tool in photoshop can help you create more realistic and visually appealing 3d designs. by following these tips and experimenting with different scaling options, you'll be well on your way to becoming a proficient 3d designer in photoshop.

Remember to always explore new techniques and practice your skills to continuously improve your 3d design capabilities. happy designing!

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