What to Consider When Taking Still Life Photos with Your Phone

Still life photo of coffee with newspaper and glasses

Did you know that people snap more than 1.4 trillion digital photos every year? and guess what - a whopping 90% of those images are taken with smartphones! with the rapid advancements in smartphone technology, it's no surprise that people have been turning to their mobile devices to capture stunning

Still life photography. if you're looking for tips on creating unique and captivating still life photos using just your phone, you've come to the right place.

still life photo of flowers on wooden surface with fabric background

In this post, we'll explore how to use props and backgrounds to bring your still life photos to life, as well as how to capture the beauty of everyday objects in your images. so let's dive in!

Props and backgrounds play a crucial role in creating eye-catching still life photos. they can add depth, texture, and color to your images, making them more visually interesting. here are some tips on how to use props and backgrounds effectively in your still life photography:

1. Choose props that complement your subject. when selecting props, think about how they can enhance the overall theme or story you want to tell with your image. for example, if you're photographing a cup of coffee, consider adding a newspaper, reading glasses, or a pastry to create a cozy

Morning scene.

2. Experiment with different backgrounds. don't be afraid to try out a variety of backgrounds for your still life photos. some popular options include wooden surfaces, textured fabrics, and plain white or colored paper. you can also use patterned or metallic surfaces for a more unique look.

3. Play with scale. incorporate props of varying sizes and shapes to create interesting compositions. by mixing and matching different elements, you can add visual interest and create a more dynamic image.

4. Layer your props and backgrounds. adding layers to your still life photos can create depth and make your images more engaging. try layering props on top of each other or using multiple backgrounds in a single shot.

One of the most satisfying aspects of still life photography is the ability to transform ordinary, everyday objects into works of art. here's how to capture the beauty of everyday objects in your still life photos:

1. Look for interesting shapes and textures. pay close attention to the details of the objects you're photographing. unique shapes, patterns, and textures can make for more visually interesting images.

2. Use natural light to your advantage. natural light can bring out the best in your still life subjects. try photographing your objects near a window or outdoors to capture the soft, diffused light that occurs during the golden hour (the time shortly after sunrise or before sunset).

3. Experiment with different angles. don't be afraid to get creative with the angles you use to photograph your objects. shoot from above, below, or at eye level to see which perspective best highlights the beauty of your subject.

4. Focus on the details. sometimes, the most captivating still life images are those that highlight small, intricate details. use your phone's macro mode or a clip-on macro lens to capture close-up shots that reveal the hidden beauty in everyday objects.

Believe it or not, still life photography has a fascinating history that dates back to ancient times. the first known examples of still life art can be traced back to the ancient egyptians, who created detailed paintings of food, flowers, and other items to adorn the walls of tombs.

These images were believed to provide spiritual nourishment for the deceased in the afterlife. so the next time you snap a photo of your dinner, remember that you're participating in an artistic tradition that spans thousands of years!


With a little creativity and attention to detail, your smartphone can be your ticket to capturing stunning still life photos. by experimenting with props, backgrounds, and angles, you can create images that showcase the beauty of everyday objects and tell a unique story.

So grab your phone, get inspired, and start snapping away!

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