Top Photo Editing Apps for Photographers in 2023

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Professional photography is an art which is often accompanied by photo editing to convey the exact emotion through the picture, as it’s intended while being developed. Since every moment that is captured by the lens is priceless.

However, by using photo editing software, the photographers enhance the beauty of the moment in the most flawless way possible.

Nowadays everyone has some photo editing apps already installed, either on their Android or iPhone devices to quickly rectify their pictures before posting it on various social media accounts.

That’s why, photo editing has become a need of the moment, for tech-savvy people – which is done professionally through certain software, or ordinarily by mobile apps at hand.

Having said that, the mind-tingling question at this point is – which photo editing app is the one to go with? Or even better, which software are used by professional photographers for their photo editing process? – Way too curious, aren’t you?

Well, don’t worry! We are here to satisfy your curiosity, with a list of top photo editing apps for professional photographers – which will surely give you enough insight to select the best photo editing app for you. So, let’s dive into the discussion!

Top Photo Editing software for Professional Photographers:

If you are a photographer, or even thinking of pursuing it professionally, you must have heard the word – Photoshop Lightroom, a billion times!

That’s because it’s the most widely used photo editing app by professional photographers. Not only that – but this is also one of the first tools, every professional photographer is supposed to master. (You might have got an idea about the significance of this app by now – Yes, pretty important!)

The reason for this app is a prerequisite condition in the professional world is that it can do all kinds of photo editing wonders.


Let’s take a look at some of its main featuring components.

  • Raw Photo Editing
  • The best thing about the Lightroom is the saving history part – where every single variation that has been made either in the layering form or in an individual action, is recorded and preserved in the feed. It offers snapshots at every stage or even allows editing the previous steps.

    However, you can also continue with the current activity forward, and keep editing without going back as you please.

    Note: If you have not begun to go raw yet, it can even work along with the JPEG file.

  • Editing Software Built-in Library
  • There’s no need for tab switching between the library and editing software during the photo editing process. Because Lightroom gives its in-app, online shareable library, located on the left side where the window icons can be found.

  • Upgraded Filter Tools
  • These filter effects deliver graduated color themes, or even light exposure options to play with the image to enrich the photo editing function.

  • Cropping Tool for Overlaying
  • Cropping (like other elements of Lightroom) is a breeze. The sides and corners can be dragged and clicked through a grid appearing over the selected image.

Another popular photo editing app is VESCO, which stands for Visual Supply Company. Photographers use this platform to create professional picture profiles for either new start-ups or currently developing businesses.

Using the impeccable filter effects of this photo editing app, the traffic on the official social media pages is improved by web exporting the images edited by this app.


Let’s get into some practical features.

  • Vast Filter Variations
  • Following up to the latest trends on social media posts, photographers use the majority of filters offered by VSCO to give the image a fancy touch.

  • Adjusting Basic Elements
  • The ability of photo editing is determined through the simple and basic tricks - which by VSCO is a piece of pie. Using the light adjustment of the picture, color contract, saturation, and fade and temperature options of the app.

  • Easy Web-Share
  • The app is not only result-oriented by also deliver the edited final outcome with Android and IOs devices, without facing any problem.

Although it might not be as professional as an Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, but it is great for beginners to wet their feet initially, in the photo editing profession.

Basically, it is a Google by-product which contain multiple filters with editing tools to switch any ordinary photo into a professionally taken one.


Let’s talk about some useful features of this app.

  • Various Photo Editing Tools
  • By Snapseed, you can use over 25 tools which comes with a brush tool (that can alter any particularly selected area or object in the image) HDR setting, and other picture healing choices to balance the overall outcome.

  • Save and Apply Filter
  • Their filter tool offers a unique preserving feature that enables your particular favorite filters to be quickly applied on any image to be used in the future, after once being saved to the filter folder.

  • Valuable Autocorrect Option
  • As we mentioned it is a wonderful beginner app, hence to perform photo editing like a professional, Snapseed gives you an autocorrect tool which will itself enhance the image by taking care of all the contrast, color effects, light exposure, sharpening, and all of the other technical areas of the photo editing procedure.

For all the creative professionals out there, Mextures is a one-stop photo editing app for all the quick touch-ups to the about to be published pictures.

Although it is a paid-tool app, but it can offer some fleeking features to entice your photo editing business as a photographer.


Speaking of features, let’s take a peek into this photo editing app tools.

  • Essential Photo Editing
  • Besides filters and tints, Mextures also optimizes the light adjustment (exposure and contrast), including working around the color gradients of the image while managing the texture quality with over 150 standard texture options as well.

  • Preserving Edited Files
  • Heavy-duty photo editing is enabled by Mextures through their saving method which can be used to edit any image with the similar action you once used and created yourself. On top of that, it offers editing to be continued at any point without any affecting the picture pixels.


Although, a picture is worth a thousand words. But by using photo editing tools, you can precisely select the words that you want your picture to say. Hence, the one thing to take away from this article is that – taking a picture which you are not happy with, is not a problem you can’t fix. But not knowing the best photo editing app, for the particular thing you want to change in your picture, is indeed a problem that should be fixed cleverly.

And that’s where the right photo editing app comes into play, enabling you to shape and scope your pictures according to your desired outcomes.

Therefore, to help you know your options we compiled this article, to put all the cards on the table. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best photo editing app to execute the plan you have in mind for your professionally taken picture.

Happy photo editing!

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