The Best Cameras to Take Newborn Photos that Cherish the Moments

Close-up photograph of sleeping newborn baby wrapped in blanket

Capturing the first few days of a newborn's life is a truly magical experience. the innocence, the tiny features, and the peaceful slumber of a new baby create memories that families cherish for years to come.

However, to capture these precious moments, you need the right equipment. in this blog post, we'll discuss the best cameras and lenses for newborn photography, as well as some tips on how to pose newborns for the perfect shot.

before and after comparison of newborn photo with color grading applied

Did you know that newborns can double their birth weight in just five months? this rapid growth is one of the reasons why capturing those early moments is so important. before you know it, your little one will be crawling, walking, and running!

When it comes to capturing those perfect newborn photos, the right camera is essential. here are some of the top options for photographers at different skill levels:

1. Nikon d850: this full-frame dslr is a popular choice among professional photographers. with a high-resolution sensor, excellent dynamic range, and reliable performance, the d850 is perfect for capturing stunning newborn images.

2. Canon eos r5: this mirrorless camera offers impressive image quality and fast autofocus, making it ideal for newborn photography. the high-resolution sensor and advanced color science ensure that your baby's photos will be vibrant and detailed.

3. Sony a7 iii: another excellent mirrorless option, the sony a7 iii features a full-frame sensor, quick autofocus, and solid low-light performance. its compact size and lightweight design make it a convenient choice for on-the-go newborn shoots.

4. Fujifilm x-t4: for those who prefer an aps-c sensor camera, the fujifilm x-t4 is a fantastic option. known for its stunning color reproduction and image quality, this mirrorless camera is perfect for capturing your baby's first days.

The right lens is just as important as the camera when it comes to newborn photography. here are some top picks for different shooting scenarios:

1. 50mm prime lens: a 50mm prime lens is a must-have for newborn photography. the wide aperture allows for beautiful bokeh, making it perfect for capturing close-up details like tiny fingers and toes.

2. 85mm prime lens: an 85mm prime lens is perfect for creating stunning portraits with a shallow depth of field. this lens is ideal for capturing your newborn in their crib or on a soft blanket.

3. 24-70mm zoom lens: a versatile zoom lens like the 24-70mm is great for capturing a variety of shots during a newborn session. the wide focal range allows you to capture both close-ups and wider shots of the nursery or family.

4. Macro lens: a dedicated macro lens is perfect for capturing extreme close-ups of your baby's features. with a macro lens, you can capture the tiniest details, like eyelashes and wrinkles.

Posing newborns can be challenging, but with a little patience and creativity, you can create beautiful images. here are some tips for posing newborns:

1. Safety first: always prioritize the baby's safety and comfort when posing them. use soft blankets and cushions for support, and never attempt a pose that puts the baby at risk.

2. Keep the baby warm: newborns are sensitive to temperature changes, so ensure the room is warm and comfortable. a cozy environment will help the baby stay relaxed and sleepy, making it easier to pose them.

3. Timing is key: the best time for a newborn session is usually within the first two weeks of life when the baby is still very sleepy and flexible. schedule the session during the baby's naptime, and feed them just before the shoot to keep them content.

4. Simple poses work best: start with simple poses that showcase the baby's natural beauty. good options include laying the baby on their back, wrapping them in a soft blanket, or capturing them in the arms of a parent.

5. Incorporate props: props like hats, headbands, and small toys can add a fun and creative touch to your newborn photos. just be sure not to overdo it the focus should always be on the baby.


investing in the right camera and lens is essential for capturing precious newborn moments. the nikon d850, canon eos r5, sony a7 iii, and fujifilm x-t4 are all excellent choices for newborn photography, paired with a 50mm prime lens, 85mm prime lens, 24-70mm zoom lens, or macro lens.

When posing your newborn, always prioritize safety and comfort, and don't be afraid to get creative with props and simple poses. happy shooting!

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