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With the increase of Coronavirus pandemic almost since December 2020 staying home became a need while working from home became ideal in order to avoid the contagious virus.

eCommerce and Internet-based types of businesses seem to be one of the biggest solutions to avoid the economic drops and jobs loss.

In addition to many other things in life that is being replaced from real life into the Internet world.

Such as education which is being provided now online and expanding in most of the countries worldwide also called "Distance education".

According to google trends which is a website that shows the trending keywords and phrases being searched for the most, Web Design Services and Web Development is having much interest from people worldwide lately especially in the USA.

The picture below shows the trending chart of the keyword "web design" since the start of the pandemic and the increasing interest for people looking for Web Design companies and services in the US.

web design services google trends

Here at Photorelive which is a leading company in the photo retouching services, providing our digital services online for over 13 years.

We are now starting to provide web design and development services for clients from the US and worldwide for an affordable price and professional service that you can count on.

The information below will help you to know what to consider when choosing a web design company in order to have your website finalized professionally, either you are based in the US or any other country around the world.

web design portfolios document

Probably this is the main thing you should look at before choosing a company to design your website, looking at their portfolio can give you an idea of how good and professional the company is.

Additionally it can inspire you with ideas to make for your website.

web design pricing tips

Websites may vary in the technology they are made with and so is the price, two websites may look very similar while you may find a big difference in the cost of both websites.

With many available options, web designs may vary in price.

"The design itself is not enough to consider a price, but the technologies used"

Some of the things that make the price are:

How Responsive the design is?

  • Does it look good on all the devices? as some websites may look good on a computer screen while on smartphones the design doesn't look firm.

    Additionally, the designer must have good knowledge of UI/UX when designing a website.

How fast the website is?

The performance of a website matters when we talk about professional web designs, and here are some of the things that affect the performance of a web design:

  • Using the same version of the pictures on all the devices.

    A professional designer should use lower sized pictures for phones and tablets in order to avoid large-sized pictures to load slowly when visiting your website through those devices.

    While the bigger sized pictures can be used for computers only as computers screens are larger and a higher quality version of the pictures are needed and should be shown to the visitors.

  • Using lazy load when loading the pictures can help the performance of the website to be faster and search engines friendly.

  • Talking generally, an ideal loading time of a website is 3 seconds when a web page is being loaded.

    Unless the web pages are large and contain big galleries or complicated programming codes.

  • However, there can be other factors programmatically which enhances the performance of a website and can affect the price.

The maintenance period, warranty?

  • This is one of the things which can help to know the price of a web design, how long the maintenance the company will provide to your website!

    Accidents happen, and you may discover bugs in your website in special cases which were not considered by you or the web designer/developer.

    Though the web designer may have tested your website many times, a bug may appear no matter how professional the company is, having long warranty matters, especially for large or complicated websites.

    The basic warranty of a full website design is usually 1:2 months and can go for longer up to your needs and depending on the web design company you shall deal with, which affects the final pricing for the project.

SEO friendly website

  • One of the things which are not taken care of by most web design companies is to structure the website in an SEO-friendly way.

    For the website being optimized for search engines can help your website ranking on Google and the other search engines.

    Basic SEO optimization for the website itself is needed and will affect the price of your website design, however, it's recommended "as long as you make sure that the web design company know what they do".


  • The time can be a factor to give you an idea of how fair the price is, the longer the project takes the higher the price should be.

Not an expensive company, and not too cheap!

  • You can find many websites providing high prices though the final service is not worth the final paid amount.

    However, a very cheap web design service can be risky showing a good website design from outside while it is maybe not optimized in the backend side.

web design company transparency
  • Good companies show all the available options for each package and price, transparency here is an important factor when choosing a websites design company.

    The first few contacts between you and the company should show this.

    The plan for your project must be explained well, and the communications between you and the company should go smooth when following with your inquiries.

  • During the execution of your project you should ask for the consequences and the availability of extending your website in the future and the ability of upgrades in some parts of your website.

    As the first structure of a website when designing it may prevent from extending or upgrading it in the future.

web design and development company
  • It is preferred when creating a new website to work with a company which has the web design and web development team all in one place to finalize your website project at once.

    While designing your website with a company/freelancer and developing it with a different company is not a good idea unless you are an expert in that regard.

    As the cooperating here matters when it comes to the delivery time and to avoid bugs and problems in the web design.

identical designs
  • While the world of web design and web development is large.

    This is one of the most important factors which can help you to choose a web design company that has made a very similar website design like the one you want to have.

    This is ideal and can tell that they are experienced in this type of websites you are looking for.


Choosing the right company to design your website can be an important factor of a successful start for your presence online.

Either you are planning to make a store or an E-commerce and sell products through your website, a simple and basic website or even a complicated large one.

Photorelive is one of the best and leading companies providing digital services online for over a decade.

A professional web design company for US clients, as we ensure that the final results will meet your expectations for your website design and development.

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